Cosmopolitan cocktail
The Inventor Of The Cosmopolitan Has An Issue With Ina Garten's Iconic Version
During the early days of the pandemic, chef Ina Garten posted a video making a massive cosmopolitan while staying home that went viral and got over 3 million views on Instagram.
However, Neal Murray, who claims to be the cocktail's creator, said Garten's recipe is missing simple syrup, without which the drink would be too tart and its flavor imbalanced.
While the cosmopolitan's origin and creator are widely debated, Murray also says that the original recipe contains lime juice cordial in addition to fresh lime juice.
Garten's version skips the cordial and simple syrup, but it also subs pure cranberry juice for a sweetened cranberry cocktail, so there's still some balance.
To honor Murray's 1975 version, use cranberry juice, vodka, triple-sec or Cointreau, Rose's lime juice cordial, simple syrup, and two squeezes of fresh lime juice.
Add the ingredients to a shaker full of ice, and shake until it turns cold. Strain it into a cold cocktail glass, garnish it with a thin lemon peel, and consume while ice cold.