Banana pudding with vanilla wafer
The Ingredient That Stops Bananas From Browning In Pudding And Pie

Creamy banana pudding and a perfectly prepared banana cream pie have an impeccable presentation, but when bananas start to brown, that ethereal aesthetic vanishes quickly.

The browning process for bananas begins during preparation, as soon as the flesh is exposed to air. To prevent it, you need to disrupt the enzyme's reaction to the air.

One of the most effective methods is to coat the fruit in lemon juice, which changes the pH of the fruit. This reduces the enzyme's ability to cause the fruit to brown.

The downside of using lemon juice is that it has the potential to alter the flavor of your dessert. To prevent this, minimize the amount of juice you use.

If you don't mind a bit of extra sweetness, you can use honey. Ensure the honey is at room temperature, then mix it with a little bit of water and toss it with the banana slices.

The way you construct your dessert also affects the bananas. Completely cover the layers of bananas with the pudding or custard (depending on the dessert) to form a barrier.