A closeup of a person seasoning a steak.
The Indisputable Best Type Of Salt To Season Steak With
Salt is a crucial element that impacts the texture, flavor, and overall pleasure we experience when eating. Using coarse salt on your steak will give you the most overall benefit.
Coarse salt allows for a better crust to develop when searing, elevates the meat's final texture, and allows the flavor of salt to persist.
Salt pulls moisture out to the surface of the meat and dissolves. Because of its size, coarser salts allow you to have more control in distributing salt evenly.
You can see where coarse salt lands, whereas fine salts immediately begin to dissolve. Coarse salts also allow you to create a better crust because they aid in caramelization.
While any coarse-grain salt works, kosher salt is widely accessible and cost-effective. The size of the grains allows it to cling to the meat and quickly draw out moisture.