Refrigerator loaded with food items
The Ideal Way To Load Food In Your Freezer After Cleaning It
Airflow is vital for conserving the condition of your freezer and the food within. Wire bins and containers that are not fully enclosed aid organization while allowing airflow.
To ensure foods are safely frozen and don’t get frostbitten after you clean your freezer, leave some space between frozen items and place them slightly away from the freezer walls.
To keep spoiled or spilled food from soiling your freezer, buy reusable, stackable, airtight containers that’ll fit on the shelves and in the bins while leaving space on all sides.
Silicone sealable bags and glass containers are an ideal option that can be used indefinitely, saving you money in the long run and ensuring you are never unprepared for leftovers.
To ensure you eat those leftovers on time, stick a piece of painter's tape onto your container and use a marker to write the date when you place food in the freezer.