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The Iconic Store-Bought Pasta Sauce Ina Garten Uses All The Time
When asked what her favorite jarred marinara sauce is, celebrity chef Ina Garten replied on her official website's Q&A section saying, “That's easy! Rao's Marinara Sauce.”
The sauce's origin starts with the legendary Rao's restaurant in East Harlem, New York. Shortly after the sauce became popular, the restaurant started jarring it in 1992.
Adapted from owner Frank Pellegrino Jr.'s family recipe, the sauce contains Italian whole-peeled tomatoes, olive oil, onions, salt, garlic, basil, black pepper, and oregano.
Without added sugar, starches, fillers, tomato paste, or other additives, the sauce is something Garten prefers over other brands when it comes to dishes like pasta and lasagna.
A 32-ounce jar of Rao's sauce costs $8.52 at Walmart, but shoppers have reported it’s cheaper at big box retailers like Costco and Sam's Club, where two 22-ounce jars cost $9.98.