a glass of coconut water
The Hydration Myth You Shouldn't Believe About Coconut Water
Coconut water, with its low-calorie content and health benefits like antioxidant properties and potential blood sugar regulation, is nutritious when free from added sugars.
However, while it does aid in hydration and replenishing electrolytes lost through perspiration, it's not as effective of a post-workout when compared to traditional sports drinks.
Water is the ideal choice for daily hydration, and coconut water, although not equivalent to water due to it being a juice, can be comparable for post-exercise hydration.
However, sports drinks offer a more consistent electrolyte profile. They are particularly beneficial for longer workouts, as coconut water's electrolyte levels can vary.
Electrolytes found in coconut water, like sodium, can knock its ratio to potassium out of balance. These elevated sodium levels are ideal for longer workouts, not shorter ones.
Sports drinks offer an electrolyte profile specifically tailored for intense workouts, hence making them ideal for hydration during exercise.
While sports drinks are better for hydration, coconut water is still preferable since most brands don’t include artificial colors and added sugars.