A Lowcountry boil with andouille sausage, red potatoes, and corn on the cob
The Hearty Ingredients Needed For A Lowcountry Boil

One of the most beloved dishes emerging from the South Carolina and Georgia region of America (known as Lowcountry) is the aptly named Lowcountry boil.

The Lowcountry seafood boil includes shrimp, boiled new potatoes, cobbed corn, smokey kielbasa or andouille sausage, and sometimes onions, beer, crab legs, or crawfish.

You can use Old Bay seasoning to flavor your boil or create your own spice mix using bay leaves, cardamom, paprika, dill, cayenne pepper, celery salt, mustard seeds, and allspice.

Homemade spice mixes take more time to assemble but give you more control over the concentrations of each ingredient, particularly allowing for spicier or tamer flavors.

Add a few lemon wedges, garlic bulbs, and whole peppercorns to the boiling pot, then serve with cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, and even hot sauce for those who crave the kick.