Hand holding a can of Skrewball's peanut butter whiskey
The Hands-Down Best Juice To Mix With Peanut Butter Whiskey
Made by infusing peanut butter flavoring into barley and corn whiskey, peanut butter whiskey has a nutty aroma, a creamy texture, a sweet peanut butter taste, and notes of caramel.
The best way to turn peanut butter whiskey into a cocktail is relying on the classic fusion — peanut butter and jelly. Cranberry juice is the best fruity option for the cocktail.
When you add a splash of cranberry juice to your usual pour of whiskey, the bright and boldly acidic flavor of the juice cuts through the candy-like characteristics of the whiskey.
The juice will balance the whiskey’s sweetness, but it can still taste syrupy at room temperature, so be sure to chill the glasses beforehand and put a large ice cube into each.
Since the zesty flavor of oranges pairs perfectly well with both cranberry and peanut butter,
the twist of an orange peel can make for a fancy garnish
when the cocktail is served.