Martha Stewart smiling
The Green Juice Martha Stewart Drinks Every Single Morning
We all have our go-to morning routines, whether making coffee and toast, a bowl of fruit, or eggs and bacon. For Martha Stewart, it starts with a glass of green juice.
Stewart revealed in an Instagram video that she makes fresh juice every day, and she even attributes her glowing skin and thick hair to the benefits of the beverage.
Stewart's special mix starts with celery and refreshing whole cucumbers, contributing to the drink's pleasing texture. Next comes parsley, which gives an earthy, herbal pungency.
For a touch of tropical and tangy sweetness, Stewart adds pineapple, followed by a knob of spicy ginger root. She also adds tart citrus fruits like lemon with their peels on.
There are also fresh and cooling mint leaves and two different kinds of spinach, which are mild and slightly sweet. Blend it all together for "green juice a la Martha."