Chef Ina Garten laughing.
The Gourmet Cocoa Powder Ina Garten Likes Best

There's one thing chef Ina Garten’s cakes have in common: They're usually made with her favorite brand of gourmet cocoa powder, the Pernigotti brand from Italy.

The specialty Dutch-processed dark cocoa powder has only two ingredients: alkalized cocoa and natural vanilla. It maintains a high cocoa butter content (22% to 24%).

Garten opts for Pernigotti due to its deep chocolate qualities, fragrant vanilla notes, and smooth, fine grind.

Formerly available through Williams Sonoma, Pernigotto no longer sells its powder directly to the public. Thanks to ChefShop, it can be purchased as a private-label product.

One pack costs $29.95, which is pricier than other brands. But, judging by Ina Garten's love for the ultra-luxurious cocoa powder, no other brand quite compares.