Ree Drummond speaking during one of her shows.
The Genius Pineapple Cutting Hack Ree Drummond Uses
When Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, posted an Instagram video demonstrating how she cuts a pineapple, her legion of fans took notice.
Her five-step method simplifies cutting a pineapple, quickly removing the inedible parts while preserving as much of the tasty fruit inside without wasting it.
She removes the top, bottom, and outer rind, then cuts the juicy flesh into eight spears. Then she removes the core from the individual pieces and chops them into bite-sized cubes.
Some of the comments left on Ree Drummond's video were also helpful with suggestions on how to streamline her technique even further.
Several people discussed removing an entire step by stopping at four big spears instead of eight. They remove the core from the larger pieces and slice the spears in half.
It will still result in eight spears, but only half as many cuts will be needed. Regardless of how you go about this hack, it will simplify the pineapple-cutting process.