Ina Garten poses in a kitchen
The Fridge Essentials Ina Garten Always Keeps Handy

Every cook has a few ingredients they always make sure to stock up on, and celebrity chef Ina Garten keeps a mix of high-end and basic items in her fridge at all times.

Garten always stocks her fridge with milk, extra-large organic eggs, and different kinds of vinegar, in combination with soups, stocks, vodka, and champagne.

Replying to a fan on her website, Garten said she often uses Cabot unsalted butter, but a fridge must-have for her is Urbani white truffle butter, which she often uses in pasta.

Garten also keeps quarts of her extremely popular homemade chicken stock in the fridge, which she eventually stores in the freezer, along with any soups she makes using the stock.

Known for her effortless cocktail recipes, Garten always stores a bottle of vodka in the fridge to keep it nice and chilled. She also keeps French champagne in her icebox.

Other staples in Garten's freezer include bread and ice cream. Bread stores well in the freezer, keeping it nice and fresh, and ice cream may be the easiest on-demand dessert ever.