Alton Brown smiling
The Flavorful Combo Alton Brown Lives By For Grilled Cheese
In his video featuring Grilled-Grilled Cheese, chef Alton Brown shares how to make his version of grilled cheese, which involves grilling the bread and the cheese separately.
Brown specifies that he wants to achieve a grilled cheese that’s simultaneously nutty, sharp, and super nutty. For that, he recommends using Gruyère and extra sharp cheddar cheese.
When these cheeses combine, the cheddar’s sharpness is balanced out by the Gruyère’s more earthy and delicate finish, creating Brown’s ideal flavor combination for grilled cheese.
Gruyère can be hard to find, so if it’s unavailable, substitute it with an Emmentaler, Comte, or American-made alpine-style cheese to impart that nutty flavor.
Brown also wanted the sandwich to have a "high gooeyness factor," and these cheeses are known for their ability to melt well, providing the much-desired texture the chef swears by.