Bottle of Frangelico
The Flavor Profile Of Frangelico And The Top Cocktails To Use It In

You may know Frangelico by its unique brown bottle or ornate medieval-style label, but if you don’t quite know what to do with the liqueur, try throwing it in a cocktail.

Sold in a brown bottle shaped somewhat like Franciscan friars and complete with a rope belt around the middle, Frangelico is a hazelnut liqueur from Piedmont in northern Italy.

The drink was supposedly created a few hundred years ago by none other than the monks the bottles resemble. They used wild hazelnuts to craft the original brew.

Along with hazelnuts, there’s a mix of other aromatic flavorings including cocoa, vanilla, and coffee. The result is a light gold liqueur that’s about 40-proof (or 20% alcohol).

Frangelico is subtly sweet with a distinctly nutty flavor and earthy overtones thanks to the cocoa and coffee. The vanilla provides a creamy taste and texture.

Frangelico is traditionally a digestif sipped neat or on the rocks. It works well with cocktails, hot drinks like coffee, or even served over ice cream for a Frangelico affogato.

Consider using it as a substitute for similar liqueurs like Kahlua or Baileys, in place of syrups like Orgeat, or instead of amaretto in drinks like the amaretto sour or an old fashioned.