Person holding square watermelon
The Expensive Square Watermelons You'll Only Find In Japan

Japan is known for its fondness for luxurious fruits. One such fruit has gained international interest: the square watermelon.

This marvelous specimen is a green-striped cube with soft, rounded edges. In Japan, where square watermelons are grown, they can sell it for the U.S. equivalent of more than $100.

Square watermelons were developed in the 1970s by an artist named Tomoyuki Ono. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, they are easier to pack, ship, and cut than round melons.

Despite their novelty, square watermelons are not that difficult to grow. When they are small, just fit the watermelon in a transparent box frame, and it will grow to fit the mold.

However, these melons are often picked just before they have fully matured, so they aren't particularly tasty. Instead, they are often used for decorative purposes.