Diner sitting at the bar
The Etiquette Rule You Shouldn't Break When Sitting At The Bar
When it comes to sitting at a bar, kind actions can sometimes be unnecessary on your part. For example, cleaning up the mess you may have created on the bar counter is problematic.
You may want to help clean your spills on the counter, but you’ll likely be wasting those expensive little cocktail napkins, whereas the bartender has rags designed for the job.
Likewise, if you try to clean up shards of a glass you broke, you could cut yourself, and that's a liability for the bar. Plus, the bartender has the equipment to clean it safely.
On a similar note, you should also avoid putting your trash in your glass. You may think you're helping, but bartenders prefer you leave your trash in a neat pile on the counter.
That’s because doing so forces the bartender to remove all that sticky, wet trash from your glass before they can wash it, and we can guarantee they hate having to touch that.