Stack of egg and cheese quesadillas
The Easy Tortilla Trick For Satisfying Egg Quesadillas

One simple hack can make egg quesadillas easy and quick to whip up. With the quesadillas coming together in one pan, the reduced prep and cleanup time can be helpful on busy days.

To start, scramble a few eggs and season them with salt and pepper. Then, cook them in a nonstick skillet roughly the same size as your tortilla, like you're making an omelet.

Top the eggs with shredded cheese and a flour tortilla, and use a spatula to flip it all so the eggs are on top. Next, add your preferred fillings and fold everything together.

Since everything is cooked together, the fillings can’t slip out. However, if your pan is too large, fold the omelet's edges inward before adding the tortilla to prevent spillage.