Mixing pesto in a white mortar and pestle
The Easiest Way To Upgrade Store-Bought Pesto
Store-bought pesto often gets a bad rap for lacking vibrant flavors. However, it can be easily enhanced with a few ingredients you may already have.
This versatile kitchen staple is easily transformed into a luscious cream sauce by adding sautéd onions, garlic, seasonings, heavy cream, fresh Parmesan cheese, and leafy herbs.
Once you’ve added your extras, heat the pesto mix with al dente pasta. Don’t overcook the pesto, as preserving the basil’s freshness is key to maintaining its flavor and color.
Customizations include swapping onions for shallots or using shredded asiago cheese in place of Parmesan. The sauce pairs well with pasta, grilled chicken, or steamed vegetables.
If the creamy upgrade isn’t to your taste, you can use pesto as a flavorful accompaniment to meatballs, as a pizza topping, or to add a Mediterranean touch to breakfast eggs.