Cooked shrimp on ice
The Easiest Way To Keep Food Cold At Cookouts
From keeping food shaded and covered to pre-chilling dinnerware and ensuring separation between hot and cold foods, there are many ways to keep food cold during summer cookouts.
In 2022, TikToker @alifebetterorganized shared a way to prolong the amount of time that food can sit out safely during summer outdoor gatherings, and it’s the easiest way to do so.
As the hack suggests, you need to partially fill a large aluminum foil pan with water and freeze it. Then, select smaller pans for your sides that can easily fit in the larger pan.
Once the water is frozen, plop the smaller pans on, and place it all on your table for everyone to enjoy. You can also split and store each dish in more than one small pan.
By splitting them, you can periodically switch the one that's been out for the one in the fridge. To add some flair, consider buying decorative pans or personalizing them.
Similarly, if the ice is going to be visible underneath the smaller pans of food, you can try adding food coloring or glitter to the water before you freeze it.