Pile of rutabagas
The Easiest Way To Cut A Rutabaga Involves The Microwave

The awkward shape and tough, wax-coated skin of rutabaga can make it dangerous to cut and peel, but your microwave can make preparing this bulbous, purple vegetable stress-free.

Start by poking a few holes in your rutabaga’s surface with a fork or a knife’s tip. Then, place it in the microwave and cook on high for two to three minutes to soften its skin.

Once done, cut the rutabaga in half with a large chef's knife before slicing it into one-inch-thick pieces. From there, you can use a paring knife to peel off its thick, waxy skin.

If you want to cook the veggie without slicing or dicing it, hold the microwaved rutabaga using a towel in one hand and peel its skin with a vegetable peeler using the other hand.