A Starbucks drink cup on a counter.
The Drink Ordering Code Starbucks Baristas Love To Hear

Starbucks baristas are trained to decipher complicated coffeehouse lingo, and it actually makes their job easier when you put all of your requests into one breathless phrase.

There is a right way to put everything in order, and it's actually the way baristas are trained to write the cups.

When you order at Starbucks, follow this structure: iced or hot, decaf (or not), size, syrup, milk modifications, name of the drink (e.g., caramel macchiato), and any other extras.

If you order this way, you’re the type of customer that baristas adore. If you're a novice, relax and start slowly by following the order of the boxes down the side of the cup.

For a decaf, big, cold, dairy-free latte that tastes like hazelnut with whipped cream on top, request an "Iced, decaf, venti, hazelnut, almond-milk latte with whipped cream."