Keurig K-Cafe SMART
The Double Pod Hack To Elevate Keurig Coffee

Some have found that Keurig coffee machines don’t produce strong coffee. Doubling up on your pods and selecting a lower-ounce setting might make the brew more potent.

This works because running less water through more coffee grounds will give the drink more kick. You might run through your pods quicker, but it may be worth it.

Do a full brew cycle once, discard the K-cup, insert another one, and brew again into the same mug. Also, reduce the amount of ounces your machine is set to.

If you usually set your Keurig to brew 12 ounces, brew for 6 ounces each round instead. You'll get the same amount of coffee (12 ounces), but the drink will be double-strength.

Pods labeled "extra bold" have more coffee than the average K-cup. Fresher coffee will also be stronger, so check your pods' expiration date.