Bobby Flay
The Dish Bobby Flay Prepares Every 4th Of July
Bobby Flay, renowned for his grilling expertise, celebrates the 4th of July with his signature grilled pork chops, garnished with salad and herbs and bathed with Italian flavors.
Flay seasons the chops prior to grilling, drizzles on a balsamic vinegar and honey reduction, adds fresh lemon and arugula, and serves them with a tomato salad.
Rib chops are recommended for their tenderness and moisture, although center-cut loin chops can also be a good choice. Bone-in chops are ideal to prevent the meat from drying out.
On a preheated grill at high heat, the chops take about 12 minutes to cook. This method ensures a perfect balance of smokiness and sweetness, making it a 4th of July BBQ highlight.