Flesh of orange watermelon
The Delicious Difference In Orange Vs. Red Watermelon
The red-flesh watermelon commonly found in supermarkets is just one of many different cultivars. The orange and yellow ones are the most visually and deliciously striking.
Orange watermelons have more of a honeyed taste when compared to their red counterparts, though the level of sweetness seemingly depends on the specific type of melon.
For example, the Tendersweet Orange Watermelon has a mild sweetness, while the Orangeglo variety is sweeter and has more of a distinctly "tropical" taste.
Orange watermelons can be prepared the same way as red ones. You can blend them up into a smoothie, scoop them into balls, or use them to add sweetness to a savory salad.
Orange watermelons also taste nice when tossed with herbs like basil, parsley, and cilantro, nuts like walnuts and pine nuts, or cheeses like goat cheese and mozzarella.