a whisk in a bowl of buttercream
The Crucial Difference In French Vs Swiss Vs Italian Buttercream
French, Swiss, and Italian buttercreams all use butter, sugar, and eggs, but they differ primarily in their composition and preparation techniques.
It is this final ingredient that varies most among them. Both Swiss and Italian buttercreams call for only the egg whites, while the French version only uses the yolks.
Moreover, a bain-marie is used for Swiss buttercream to apply heat to dissolve the sugar and blend the ingredients, while French and Italian buttercream rely on a hot sugar syrup.
Temperature is key when making buttercream. Start with your ingredients at room temperature to help the butter melt and the sugar dissolve evenly for a super creamy consistency.
The sugar and egg white mix at Swiss buttercream's base must be cooked to 160 degrees F. For French and Italian versions, the sugar should reach 250 degrees F.