Hot dog with jalapenos, cream cheese, and ketchup
The Creamy Ingredient That Characterizes Seattle-Style Hot Dogs
Across the U.S., you can find hot dogs served in a variety of styles from New York and Chicago to Seattle, where hot dogs are served with cream cheese.
The signature Seattle-style hot dog was invented in the 1980s by Hadley Longe. Longe ran a bagel cart, but he often got requests for hot dogs from drunk patrons late at night.
Longe then combined the two foods. He cut a bagel-like bialy stick in half, smeared it with cream cheese, stuffed it with a hot dog, and topped it all with caramelized onions.
The food is now a Seattle staple, but you can make it at home by smearing a hot dog bun with cream cheese and adding in a grilled hot dog, onions, and optional jalapenos.