Cornbread squares on a plate
The Creamy Hack To Boost Boxed Cornbread

Baking boxed cornbread mixed with an egg and some milk makes for a delicious side dish, but adding a little sour cream can make the finished product super moist and a little tangy.

With the addition of sour cream, you might not even need to slather your square in butter. Cornbread like this will still be tasty as a counterpart to chili or with some barbecue.

For cornbread from Jiffy, mix the dry ingredients that come in the pack with an egg, a little milk, and one-third cup of sour cream. Then, bake as directed for a delicious result.

Adding sour cream to any other boxed cornbread brand should be fine, too. As an alternative to sour cream, buttermilk will also give you some tanginess and an extra soft crumb.