Hands holding coffee beans
The Country That Produces The Most Coffee In The World
Whether you brew a cup of instant coffee at home or pick up espresso from Starbucks, those aromatic coffee beans have traveled quite some distance.
Most of the world's coffee supply comes from South America and Southeast Asia, with the title of top producer being held by Brazil for more than 150 years.
Brazil is actually such a key player in the coffee industry that its 60-kilogram bags have been the standard unit of measurement since the 18th century.
Incredibly, Brazil produced 62.6 million 60-kilogram bags (or about 3.75 tons) of coffee in 2023 alone, making up nearly 40% of the world's supply.
Thanks to the perfect mix of sun and rain, Brazil provides an ideal growing region for coffee and has more than 27,000 square kilometers (10,400 square miles) devoted to the crop.
The country also sets its coffee apart by using a largely natural process that lets the coffee beans dry on the trees and sunny patios to encourage a sweeter, more caramel flavor.