A closeup of various types of breads.
The Country That Eats The Most Bread By A Landslide
Americans eat a lot of bread, but the United States happens to be among the bottom 10 countries in the world when it comes to the amount of bread people eat in total.
Surprisingly, the country that eats the most bread is Turkey, where citizens eat a whopping 199.6 kilograms or 440 pounds of bread per year.
The citizens of second place Serbia consume 135 kilograms (297 pounds) per year, which is still a far cry from the amount enjoyed in Turkey.
In Turkey, bread is called ekmek, and it's an important part of both Turkish food and culture. It’s enjoyed as street food and is almost always a part of meals.
Wheat has a long history in Turkey and the grain is treated with great fervency as a food source, religious symbol, and celebration element.
Wheat and ancient grains have been plentiful in this region for thousands of years, making Anatolia and Turkey known as vital areas for the production of bread.
Even as the population of the country has wavered and wheat production has dwindled, the yearly consumption of bread remains higher than anywhere else in the world.