Ina Garten smiling and looking tote side
The Countertop Gadget Ina Garten Utilizes For All Her Leftovers
Plastic wrap can be hard to pull off the roll, as it can stick to itself or anyone handling it. That is why celebrity chef Ina Garten uses a plastic wrap dispenser "all the time."
On her official website, Garten shared that she's been using her go-to dispenser, the Stretch-tite Wrap'N Snap 7500 Dispenser, for years and "absolutely love[s] it."
While Garten's favorite film cutter severs the wrap when you shut it, some varieties available in the market feature a slide cutter, allowing for cutting at the swipe of a finger.
At a relatively low price, plastic wrap dispensers are compact and can be stored on the countertop or adhered to surfaces like the refrigerator, on the wall, or under the cabinet.