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The Cocktail That Tells Ina Garten If A Bar Is Worth The Hype
Chef Ina Garten, known for her simple, flavorful dishes, enjoys cocktails with similar qualities. She’ll often order one of her favorites, a whiskey sour, to gauge a bar's quality.
Made with whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, and garnishes, the whiskey sour serves as a benchmark due to its simplicity and the skill required to balance its flavors perfectly.
Red flags include store-bought syrup mixes and stale maraschino cherries from an open case. Bartenders who eyeball measurements instead of using a jigger also signal poor quality.
Egg white may be added to a whiskey sour for extra frothiness. If so, the bartender should perform a dry shake before adding ice, as this promotes a smoother, more frothy texture.
A whiskey sour must be shaken for the correct duration to achieve a frothy, aerated texture and avoid a flat or over diluted cocktail. Double straining it is the ideal final touch.