Three kitchen knives of different sizes
The Clever Restaurant Trick To Sharpen Knives With Only A Plate
Dull knives can not only thwart your slicing efforts but also cause dangerous injuries. In a pinch, instead of risking harming yourself, try sharpening a dull knife using a plate.
The unglazed ceramic rings underneath almost every dinner plate, which serve as a coarse base to keep your plate in place on a table, are perfect for sharpening kitchen knives.
Lay a flipped plate on a sturdy, even surface. Rest one side of the knife's blade against the ring, slightly angled, and gently scrape it before doing the same with the other side.
You'll likely notice some thin, powdery debris, so rinse the knife to avoid passing ceramic residue onto your food. You can also use the bottom of a ceramic mug for the job.