2023 Michelin Guide France
The City That Has The Most Michelin Star Restaurants In The World
Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is the city that currently holds the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world. Its 203 Michelin-starred eateries have 263 stars in total.
Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants — which can be anything from opulent establishments to tiny holes in the wall — include 60 Japanese, 22 "Contemporary," and 50 French eateries.
However, when the Michelin Guide was launched in Tokyo in 2007, many chefs refused to be included in it. The consensus was that French judges had no right to judge Japanese food.
Over the years, the Guide combated the trepidation by lobbing as many stars as possible at Tokyo restaurants, which included Quintessence, Kanda, Azabu Kadowaki, and Joel Robuchon.
Many labeled it a tactic to attract Japanese eateries, but Michelin urged readers to consider Tokyo's high number of eateries, which was six times more than New York’s at the time.