Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis in a kitchen.

The Canned Tomato Brand Giada De Laurentiis Lives By For Sauces

Chef Giada De Laurentiis has many go-to favorites, and her favorite canned tomatoes are the I Sapori Di Corbara brand of Corbari Pomodorini whole tomatoes.

These pomodorini (or "tiny tomatoes"), grown in the volcanic soil surrounding the Lattari Mountains and Mount Vesuvius, bring a strong and unique flavor.

Corbari cherry tomatoes are intensely sweet, thanks to their highly concentrated sugars from the southern Italian sun, but they're met with a unique sourness or tartness.

I Sapori Di Corbara's Corbari Pomodorini Whole Tomatoes come whole, unpeeled, and canned in their own juices. Thought of as higher quality, they cost $7.50 per can.

Corbari tomatoes work in recipes like bolognese, spicy pomodoro, pasta puttanesca, and lobster fra diavolo, but you can also use this pomodoro for things like meatballs and pizzas.