Chopsticks grabbing noodles from a pot of ramen
The Canned Soup Hack For Flavorful Instant Ramen
Instant ramen is known for its low price and ability to alleviate hunger. While it often comes in various flavors, you can elevate your instant noodles' taste with canned soup.
Begin by using half the package's recommended water amount and substituting the other half of the liquid with a cream-based canned soup, such as cream of mushroom.
Stir until the soup is well-blended before adding the noodles to cook. You’ll get a creamy and flavorful result reminiscent of pasta in cream sauce.
You could also substitute the flavor packet with a different soup base. For example, canned chicken stock provides a better flavor than the packets.
Another option is to use instant dashi — a powder that dissolves in water — for a more traditional Japanese flavor.