Sliced cornbread on wooden cutting board
The Canned Ingredient That Adds A Sweet Touch To Cornbread Mix
Buttermilk, whole milk, or sour cream may be the most common forms of dairy used in cornbread recipes, but sweetened condensed milk is the ultimate game-changer with two main pros.
The first is an increase in sweetness in the end product. Plus, during baking, the sugars and milk solids in the sweetened condensed milk take on a smooth caramelized flavor.
Secondly, the condensed milk adds a much-needed dose of moisture to the cornbread, although the texture transformation usually varies from recipe to recipe.
If you want something like traditional cornbread, use your sweetened condensed milk with a cornbread cornmeal mix to achieve a cakey, gritty, tender texture and a mild sweetness.
For a Mexican-style pan de elote, use all-purpose flour mixed with canned or fresh corn kernels. This type of cornbread will resemble a corn pudding with a stodgy, rich texture.
To balance out the sweetness, add green chiles or jalapeños for heat or rendered bacon for a salty, savory note. To boost the sweetness, add warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.