Four aluminum cans
The Can Hack That Transforms A Cake Pan Into A Bundt Pan
Bundt cakes are distinguished by their round shape and signature hole in the middle. They’re made through the use of a Bundt pan, which features a raised section in the center.
To recreate the look of a Bundt cake without a Bundt pan, place an inverted mason jar in the middle of a springform pan, pour the batter around the jar, and remove it post-baking.
Ensure the cake pan or springform pan and the outside of the jar are greased. If you're using a springform pan, just take the rim off the outside and twist the mason jar out.
If you’re using a round pan, remove the jar and invert the pan onto a plate to release the cake. Note that the vessel you use to create the hole in the middle of the cake matters.
Old glass won’t do, and you’ll need something that withstands heat well. Mason or canning jars do the trick because they are made to withstand the hot temperatures used in canning.
Alternatively, peel off the label of a clean aluminum can (like a soup can), grease it, place it right side up in the pan, and fill it halfway with some pie weights or dried beans.
Not weighing the can down will make it bake up vertically along with the cake. Be sure to twist the can up and out because pulling it upwards will lead to unsightly, jagged edges.