Garlic steak in cast-iron skillet
The Butcher Shop Find You Need For Restaurant-Quality Steak And Sides

Sold in tubs at many butcher shops, farmers markets, and online, beef tallow, also called beef dripping, can take your steaks and other sides to almost restaurant-level perfection.

Tallow is essentially beef fat rendered and cooled into a solid block. Once widely used as cooking grease, it has a rich, savory flavor and a smoke point of around 400° Fahrenheit.

Tallow can be used the same way you'd use any other cooking fat, like oil or butter. Melting it in a hot pan is all that’s required to give steaks a stunning sear and beefy taste.

Plus, its high smoke point allows you to cook any cut of beef at a high temperature to form a perfect crust. Tallow can also enhance sides like potatoes, sauces, and gravies.