The exterior of a Chipotle restaurant.
The Burrito Order That Frustrates Chipotle Employees Most

Build-your-own-meal options at Chipotle aren't always as much fun for the staff as they are for customers. Some patrons manage to pick choices that employees dread creating.

Employees may not be happy if you order "problem" fillings. If you tend to ask for a lot of condiments, you're ordering a "soup burrito,” which might be met with groans.

Queso, salsa, and sour cream make a burrito-wrapping session pretty slippery. When employees roll a burrito with a liquid-heavy filling, it may be difficult to secure it properly.

"Soup burritos" just aren't pleasant to make, and once they're off the assembly line they may be problematic to eat, too.

One Chipotle employee offered a solution on Reddit: "...get a good amount of rice and less of everything else to soak it up."