Aaron Franklin
The Brisket Cut For The Best Barbecue, According To Aaron Franklin
Aaron Franklin, a celebrated pitmaster, swears by the brisket packer cut for the ultimate barbecue experience. This special cut boasts ideal proportions of lean and fatty meat.
The packer cut consists of the lean, accessible "flat" and the flavorful, marbled "point." This combination ensures the cooked meat has both a rich flavor and tender texture.
The cut’s fat cap keeps it moist during cooking. As the meat smokes on the grill, the fat melts, naturally basting the meat and infusing it with a delicious, smoky taste.
However, sourcing a packer cut might require some effort. Franklin suggests asking specialty butchers or looking online as this cut is not commonly found in grocery store chains.
Having honed the art of barbecue to perfection, Franklin's expertise and results speak volumes. He smokes over 20,000 pounds of brisket a month at his restaurant in Austin, Texas.
Franklin’s approach not only stresses the importance of selecting the perfect brisket cut, but also requires patience, with slow smoking being key to a great texture and taste.