Fruits ready to be blended in a transparent blender
The Brilliant Smoothie Prep Hack That Will Save So Much Time

To avoid wasting time on smoothie prepping, blend your individual smoothie ingredients, portion them into a muffin pan, and freeze.

Once frozen, remove the portions, and store them in a freezer bag with a label and the date. Silicone muffin pans make the removal easier, but standard muffin pans can work too.

You may have to let a standard muffin pan thaw on the counter or dip the bottom in warm water to get the portions out. If you don't have one, try using an ice cube tray.

You can simply blend the frozen smoothie cups when you want a smoothie, but there's a more straightforward and mess-free way to use this hack.

Put your smoothie cups into a container with a tight-fitting seal, like a mason jar or a protein shaker, and let them defrost in the fridge overnight or at room temperature.

Once the smoothie cups have been defrosted, shake the container vigorously to combine everything into a smoothie.

You can also freeze your blended smoothie into a mason jar, leaving room for the smoothie to expand, but a row of mason jars takes up space in the freezer.

Smoothie cups made with single ingredients or specific blends allow you to mix and match while still saving lots of time on meal prep.