Celebrity chef Ina Garten smiling
The Breakfast Ina Garten Has Eaten Every Day For Over A Decade

Chef Ina Garten is the queen of breakfast, and while you may expect her go-to breakfast to be extravagant, it’s actually as simple as McCann’s Quick Cooking Rolled Irish Oats.

Speaking with Bon Appetit, Garten said she has "the same thing for breakfast every single day, 365 days a year." She makes it with milk, salt, and butter and enjoys it with coffee.

While most people don't make their oatmeal seasoned, Garten finds it delicious that way. She said that oatmeal without salt reminds her of "wallpaper paste."

McCann's has been sowing its oats on Irish farms for over 150 years, and it attributes the location's soil, climate, and water quality to why its products are some of the best in the world.

The whole grains are certified non-GMO and are minimally processed. Unflavored oatmeal is low in sodium and saturated fat and has zero cholesterol.