deviled eggs on a wooden board
The Bougie Ingredient Ina Garten Adds To Deviled Eggs

There are plenty of dishes that Ina Garten elevates with a single ingredient. To top off her deviled eggs, for example, she adds a scoop of salmon roe to enhance the appetizer.

The salmon roe garnish enhances

the appearance of the deviled eggs, Garten noted on "Barefoot Contessa," since it adds a vibrant red-orange color to an otherwise basic appetizer.

The bubbly texture also adds a welcome contrast to the creamy dish. While the eggs and filling are smooth, the roe will pop when bitten into, like a fishy-flavored boba pearl.

Additionally, the roe gives the deviled eggs an umami flavor boost. They have a hint of sweetness and are salty with some bitter notes that balance off the richness of the eggs.