Mimosas being held up in cheers.
The Bottomless Cocktail Etiquette To Follow At Brunch

For many, bottomless brunch cocktails are tempting, but there are unwritten rules about how to indulge and keep service running smoothly.

A good rule to abide by is that your table shouldn't get loaded with empty glasses. There should be no more empty glasses than diners at your table.

Bottomless cocktails may seem like an invitation to throw decorum out the window, but avoid doing this. It’s best to order one bottomless refill per person at a time.

Also, bottomless mimosas do not mean that the staff exists solely to serve you. You're probably overdoing it if you're constantly flagging a server down for a refill.

Try to get drinks refilled at once rather than ordering one drink at a time every time. This makes life easier for servers and also makes service more efficient.