The exterior of a McDonald's.
The Big Changes You'll See At McDonald's In 2024

Significant changes are in the works for McDonald's in 2024, including the expansion of a new restaurant chain, CosMc's, within McDonald's ever-expanding universe.

The first CosMc's location opened in Illinois in December 2023. Beverages are the featured element of the CosMc menu, from coffees and teas to juices and slushies.

McDonald's has also changed its burger-making methodology from cooking fewer patties at a time (six rather than eight) to ensuring more freshness in veggie fixings.

Brioche buns are now sliced thicker to help the sandwiches retain heat. McDonald's has even changed the spacing of sesame seeds on its buns to improve the overall taste.

The restaurant is also partnering with Google Cloud to integrate generative artificial intelligence into its service platforms to improve the experience for customers and staff.

The company states that speedier operations are a priority and Google Cloud will bring "information storage and high powered computing into individual restaurants."