An Aldi store with cars parked in front
The Big Changes You'll See At Aldi In 2024
Aldi's initiatives for 2024 follow the grocery chain’s 2023 price cuts on over 250 items, which saved customers up to $60 million and boosted its reputation for affordability.

Reinforcing its commitment to sustainability, Aldi will eliminate plastic shopping bags from all U.S. stores in 2024, urging customers to bring their own or buy reusable bags.

Its acquisition of Southeastern Grocers will allow Aldi to expand in the southeastern states. Some sites will become Aldi stores while others continue as Harveys and Winn-Dixie.
Aldi is also testing its "Aldi Go" automated checkout technology in Illinois, offering a checkout-free shopping experience through advanced sensors and mobile app integration.
With eco-friendly policies, new store openings, and advanced checkout technologies, Aldi’s customers can look forward to even more convenient and budget-friendly shopping in 2024.