A closeup of Anthony Bourdain.
The Best Weekday To Go To A Restaurant, According To Anthony Bourdain
Chef Anthony Bourdain may have left us in 2018, but his books, like “Don't Eat Before Reading This,” are still providing invaluable insight about the restaurant industry.
For example, one of his most useful tips is that the best day of the week to go to a restaurant is Tuesday, especially if you're planning to have fish or seafood.
It’s because most fishmongers do not deliver on weekends. It’s not just a New York thing, fish markets in Japan and around the world are traditionally closed on Sundays.
Chefs usually order their fish in time for the weekend rush, so that by the time Sunday or Monday rolls around, any remaining fish you order would have been sitting for days.
Tuesday is when most eateries will be receiving their once or twice-weekly deliveries of meat and produce, so meals will be prepared with ingredients at their peak.
Tuesdays are also a good bet for scoring deals. That's when restaurants are slowest and try to entice customers with discounts or more-for-your-money offers.