Crispy shrimp in a bowl.
The Best Way To Start Eating Shrimp Tails

The shell of a shrimp is usually removed before serving to facilitate eating. However, if you skip the tail, you may miss out on some great flavors and crunch.

Shrimp tails are edible and add deeper seafood flavor and a crispy texture. To boost the seafood flavors, leave shrimp tails intact in sauce or alongside other ingredients.

When cooking shrimp with tails, use high heat and plenty of fats and spices. Avoid water-based or low-heat cooking techniques, which leave your shrimp tails chewy and bland.

Make shrimp tempura by dipping the shrimp, tail and all, in batter and fry until golden. The textures of the crispy tail and tender meat make this a must-try.

Shrimp cook fast, so watch them closely to avoid overcooking. You’ll know they’re ready when they take on a tasty “C” shape, and the tail has crisped and darkened in color.