A closeup of a beer battered fish.
The Best Types Of Beer To Add To Your Batter
A pilsner’s inoffensive flavor profile works in almost any pairing, from beer-battered chicken to fish. It also complements spicier fried foods like jalapeño poppers.
1. Pilsner
A dry Irish stout’s nutty, bitter notes and robust flavor profile will supercharge the batter of mildly sweet seafood and onion rings.
2. Dry Irish Stout
This beer's hint of orange and coriander makes it a lovely companion to deep-fried desserts, and it’ll also punch up Asian-style fried chicken and shrimp.
3. Belgian Style Wheat Beer
This malty British beer will add a flavorful authenticity to beer-battered fish and chips, as well as southern catfish, chicken tenders, and dessert-centric batters.
4. Brown Ale
American pale ale’s citrusy and floral flavors are perfect for batters made for seafood, particularly for fish tacos, calamari, or shrimp.
5. American Pale Ale
An American lager is a good selection for heavily seasoned dishes, like a spicy take on fish fry, and if you don’t want a beer's flavor to affect your batter.
6. American Lager