Opened can of spam
The Best Tool To Cut Spam Is Part Of The Package

The lid on a can of Spam is not only easy to open, but it also serves a dual purpose as the best tool to cut the Spam with.

When you pop the top and pull it open, the can's lid can be used to slice the meat directly in the can. Make sure to clean the lid before pushing it into the spam.

The lid slices through the Spam smoothly because its edges are sharp, and there are no dull edges. Be careful when cutting the meat, as the lid can easily slice your fingers.

Working widthwise from one side of the can to the other, hold the lid with the tab at the top, insert the bottom directly into the meat, and then push it down.

You can turn the Spam onto a cutting board and slice it free of the can. Turn the lid on its side and cut lengthwise for longer slices or in both directions for a diced result.